Via Cavicchione di Sotto, 1
Calcinato, Brescia, Italy
tel: (+39) 030.9964670

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The founder: Marcello Gabana

Marcello Gabana was born on 11th June 1944 in Calcinato, a Municipality in the province of Brescia. After studying at the Itis Moretto (Industrial-Technical Secondary School) in Brescia, he immediately began working full time to support his family financially, marked by the untimely death of his father.

In 1964 he opened the first lime mill, also in Calcinato: at the time he had only one employee, who was then employed in the Gabeca group (1973) when his entrepreneurial leap took place.

Parallel to the growth of his family (three daughters: Giulia, Claudia and Sofia) his activities developed and diversified, going beyond industry.Marcello Gabana in fact held various positions in banks, non-profit organisations and trade associations, in particular in AIB (Extraction activities) and in the Mille Miglia Museum. He was on the boards of the Cassa Rurale and of the Banca dell' Artigianato e dell’Industria and of the Banca Santa Giulia, which he founded.

Among his great passions we should mention sports, in particular engines and volleyball with the Gabeca team, a sports club of which he was the sponsor and president for a long time, conquering the heights of Italian sport.



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