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Calcinato, Brescia, Italy
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Group history

Il primo camion di Marcello Gabana

Marcello Gabana began working in a construction depot in the Municipality of Calcinato (Brescia) in far-away 1964. The activities of the Gabeca Group – now Marcello Gabana Holding – began instead in 1973 within the same Municipality: Sabbio Chiese, Manerba, Castegnato and Carzavere, in the province of Verona, then follow.

During the two subsequent decades, these realities undergo a great expansion, with the purchase of several concrete mixing plants in Lombardy and Veneto. In 1988, in particular, the aggregates quarry of Montichiari opens.

In 1989 the import of cement begins, with the terminal of Chioggia. Followed by those of La Spezia, Livorno and Taranto, and the acquisition of a shipping company. In 1993-1994, Gabeca reaches Oristano with a cement production and clincher milling plant. But earlier on (1990), Marcello Gabana had decided to embark on an important image initiative, by sponsoring Gabeca Volleyball Montichiari, which he will later buy, thus making it one of the most important Italian teams of all times in this sport.

In 1998 the cement plants are sold. A year later, the first landfill in Calcinato opens. Gelab, the group analysis laboratory, was created in 2000.

In 2002 all the cement import port facilities were sold together with the cement manufacturing plant in Oristano. In the same year, the Marcello Gabana Holding was established, a controlling which begins to invest in various sectors with a particular focus on real estate. The Ferrara operation (former Cap) dates from this period. While 2003 marks its prominent entry into the real estate sector with the purchase of Immocri (Interlaghi, Cct90, Immobiliare Lampedusa and Pietrare). In the same year Marcello Gabana Holding draws up its first consolidated financial statements.

2004 is another important moment for the group and is characterised by the birth/acquisition of the companies Acqua Paradiso, Tenuta Grandi & Gabana, Silos e Magazzini del Tirreno, Magazzini and Molini and - above all - Grandi Riso, destined to become the main company of the group thanks to investments such as the one that in 2010 led to the construction of the new drying plant.

The second landfill in Montichiari opens in 2010 as well. In 2011 the Marcello Gabana Fund was born (part of the Fondazione Civiltà Bresciana), to remember the figure of the founder, who tragically died a year earlier, by supporting social initiatives.

In 2012 the group's presence in the volleyball world is interrupted. In 2013 the Grandi & Gabana wine estates are leased and Immobiliare Lampedusa sold. In 2015, the Acqua Paradiso activity is also leased. In 2017 the company Ecoplant was established, based in Cremona, which manages the entire waste cycle.

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